LynnSophie is a luxurious clothing brand from the Netherlands. Created by Myrthe van der Zanden, mother of four children and owner of several companies together with her partner, Jeremy Otter.  

A real career mother who knows very well what it is like to combine family life with business life. And that includes appropriate clothing. She wanted to create clothing items that looked elegant, which would show off the feminine shapes. But at the same time it would also be very wearable in business life. And this had to be able to be combined in the private situation in which a mother would be in the schoolyard from work to pick up her children and raise them. After a year it was ready and she is very proud of the collection and the quality she has created. 


Of course LynnSophie thinks it is important that clothing is produced sustainably. We believe that there should be no child hands involved and that there should be fair salaries and good working conditions for the people who make our clothing.


LynnSophie stands for high quality. The fabrics are selected with the utmost precision and love. The clothing is worn by an important group from our society. Ladies who know what they want and who work hard for it. And often also raising a bunch of children.  

We know that none of this is self-evident and we therefore grant these ladies their own clothing brand. If you work hard, you also want to wear luxurious clothes and feel like you are allowed to be there every day. And you like to wear clothes that are virtually unique. Because you want to be unique at that important meeting or party to which you have received an invitation. For this reason, we have had a very limited number of each item made and this limited number has been divided into four different sizes. 

Our keywords are Confident, Self-Aware, Alive, Serene and Relaxed. With every item we create, we place our keywords next to it. Every woman can feel this way. 


When Myrthe started this clothing line, she immediately knew what name it would be called; Lynn Sophie. It is the name of her second daughter. From the time Lynn Sophie was three years old, she knew she would become a real fashionista. She was already selecting clothes with extreme precision. She has now entered puberty and finds quality important in the clothes she wears and wants to look good and unique every day. Myrthe dedicated this brand to her. 


We have a team with a lot of experience when it comes to luxury fabrics, design, colors and quality and we also work with the best factories in Portugal, India and Bulgaria. Quality is very important to us and that is why we work exclusively with Italian fabrics. We only want the best for our customers.

By wearing our clothing you will receive even more compliments, you will look even more powerful during your meeting and all your feminine curves will come into their own. Because you deserve that. 


LynnSophie is a luxury clothing brand that embodies a philosophy of timeless elegance and individual expression. At the core of the brand's philosophy is the belief that fashion should be more than just following trends, but rather a means to express one's unique personality and style. LynnSophie is committed to creating high-quality, beautifully crafted pieces that not only look and feel great, but also have a lasting impact on the world.

LynnSophie's design philosophy is deeply rooted in the principles of sustainability and ethical production. The brand is committed to using only the finest materials, sourced from trusted suppliers who share their values ​​of sustainability and ethical production. Each piece is carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen so that every detail is perfect and every stitch is made with care.